Cal 33-2 Races

Class Position
Overall Position
9 JUN 2013
HYC Doublehanded Race
Wind 12 - 17 kn. A bit too much for the heavy #1, had no idea how we were doing, and finished 10 seconds behind 1st place on corrected. Outstanding for the first big race for the new boat.
20 JUL 2013
BBSA Little Bay Challenge
Wind 15-20 kn. Great day with good racing. Despite being the slowest boat in our fleet, we can compete with the big boys.
03 AUG 2013
YRYC/SYC Admirals Cup
Wind 10-50 kn. We started well, did well until a thundersquall overcame us. We got to within 10 yards of the finish line when wind increased from 20 to 40 kn and pushed us back. We were unable to get over the line. We withdrew safely. It was an adventure.
19 OCT 2013
OPCYC Round The Lights Race
Wind 8 - 11 kn. Not much tactics. Just a boat speed contest, which was useful to see where our strengths and weaknesses are against top notch competition. Good race.
02 NOV 2013
BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race
Winds 4 - 8 kts. Super way to end the season.
17 MAY 2014
BBSA Cape Henry Cup
Wind N - NW 5 - 15 kn. Were doing well until a fouled halyard led to a terrible spinnaker set. That took us out of the race. We clawed back a bit to not be totally embarrassed.
8 JUN 2014
HYC Doublehanded Race
Wind SW - E 1 - 16 kn. Did very well until wind filled in from behind, reaching us last. Crawled back to within 2 min. of first place (corrected), so no complaints.
11-13 JUL 2014
NYC Offshore 160 Singlehanded Race
Wind 0 -15 kn. Saw a few hours where the knotmeter read 0.0, but then was rewarded with a fantastic spinnaker run in 12 kn and sunny skies. Still took over 37 hours to finish the short 120 nm course. The rest of my class quit in the no wind section, so perseverance won the day. I take comfort that the other competitors were behind me when they packed it in.
28 SEP 2014
HYC Singlehanded Race
Wind ENE 5 - 8 kn. Led all around the course, first to finish against faster boats. Corrected to 2nd place, but still a very satisfying race.
16 MAY 2015
BBSA Cape Henry Cup
Wind S 5-15 kn. Did poorly in middle, but recovered well at the end in a tidal/wind vortex.
15 AUG 2015
BBSA Cape Charles Cup I
Wind NE-E 5 kn, started off upwind, then eventually set spinnaker, all on the same leg. Course shortened. Did very well.
16 AUG 2015
BBSA Cape Charles Cup II
Wind S-SE 5 kn, light wind again. Again started off upwind, then eventually set spinnaker, all on the same leg. Course shortened. Same strategy, but wind did't cooperate. Still a great day
17 OCT 2015
OPCYC Round the Lights Race
Wind W-NE 0-10 kn. Several large wind holes. Shifty directions required many sail changes. Only found out our results at the party. Happy with our efforts.
7 NOV 2015
BBSA Memorial/Hot Buttered Rum Race
Wind W/NW 5-20 kn, rained hard. Reverse start, so it was an epic battle all around the course. A win was a great way to finish the season.
10-15 JUNE 2016
Annapolis to Bermuda Race
Quite an adventure. Stunned on how well we did.
15 OCT 2016
OPCYC Round The Lights Race
Wind NE 5-10 kn. Chose the correct direction and did well for being shorthanded. Good end of the season.
2-7 JUN 2017
Bermuda 1-2 Race
Only did the Singlehanded leg. Was doing alright until a battery charging problem knocked me out of contention. Conditions were rough but I finished. No more offshore races for this boat. It was an adventure.
7 OCT 2017
BBSA Willoughby Memorial Regatta
Wind SSE 10-12 kn. Warm, good day. Pursuit race.
14 OCT 2017
OPCYC Round The Lights Race
Wind N 10-15 kn, drizzly. Despite the damp conditions, we started well and blitzed around the course in good fashion. Picking up first was a great bonus.
4 NOV 2017
BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race
Wind NE 12 - 15 kn. Led from wire to wire, but lost one position on correction. Low key, pleasant race; nice to close the season out.
11 JUN 2018
CCV Soltice Race
Wind NE 0 - 15 kn. Weak wind made for lots of drifting. Race organizers changed the race part-way through making a complete disaster. Finished but didn't care how we placed. Nice day, though.