Beneteau 36.7 Races

Class Position
Overall Position
5 JUN 2019
AYC Annapolis to Newport Race
Wind NE 15 - 30 kn. Cracking race down the bay, but once we got offshore it was bruising and hard work. The slug attachments of my new main started failing, which led us to abandon. Ultimately the boat and crew were not yet ready to take on this race so soon after the purchase.
10 AUG 2019
BBSA Cape Charles Cup
Wind 2 - 8 kn. Sunny day but the wind was not so accommodating. Struggled to keep the boat going. At least we finished, which is an advantage to a faster boat. After race party was great. No wind for the second day.
28 SEP 2019
BBSA Neptune's Atlantic Regatta
Wind 0 - 10 kn. Got a crappy start, and then was overtaken by a windless zone. But we still finished.
5 OCT 2019
BBSA Memorial Race
Wind 15 - 18 kn. A race to forget. Problems dogged us constantly, beginning with jib raising problems that made us late to the start. Then it was a struggle all the way around. Almost T-boned somebody after the finish. Too much drama.
19 OCT 2019
OPCYC Round the Lights Race
Winds 0 - 8 kts. Chose to go the wrong way. Anchored for awhile. Once the breeze filled in we couldn't finish before the party so we hung it up.
2 NOV 2019
BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race
Wind 2 - 5 kn. Got a decent start. Wind was really fluky with 80 degree shifts. But still hung on for a podium finish.
28 JUN 2020
HYC Doublehanded Race
Wind 2 - 7 kn. Light wind and a reverse start. Had to beat out of Hampton Creek in traffic. Beat the other Bene 36.7 which was satisfying.
10-11 JUL 2020
NYC Offshore 160
Wind 8 - 18 kn. Pretty much a windward/leeward 114 nm race. Most of the time the wind was around 15 kn, things got foggy after dark. Saw one boat drop out on AIS, and heard radio chatter of other problems. After rounding the only mark, I chose not fly the spinnaker because of the lumpy seas. But once I heard the Figaro 3 radio his finish, I put the spinnaker up to close the distance. Hit a max speed of 12.0 kn. Didn't know I had won until several hours after finishing. It was all about perserverence and not having many problems.
24-25 JUL 2020
NYC New England Solo/Twin
Singlehanded class. Wind 0 - 5 kn. Light wind. Things were going well until 2 nm before the first mark at Block Island. Wind died and I drifted backwards for 4 hours in the current. Eventually got around the south end of BI and seeing the mirror-like sea stretched out before me I abandoned the race. Pretty good experience, though.
22 AUG 2020
BBSA Bold Mariner Cup
Wind 0 - 4 kn. Struggled to get ahead, even anchoring for a bit. Got what seemed like an insurmountable lead, only to fall into a hole a watch 2 boats pass us short of the finish. Frustrating, but typical for Chesapeake in summer.
26 SEP 2020
AYC Fall Race to Solomons
Wind 10 - 13 kn. Doublehanded in CRCA fleet, using our ORR-Ez rating. All downwind in misty conditions. Pleased with our performance against fully crewed yachts.
3 OCT 2020
BBSA Memorial Race
Wind 11 - 15 kn. Reverse start. Did well until we encountered the usual snarl of traffic that is endemic of short courses with a reverse start. I didn't manage it well so we got stuck in bad air too much. Did better than last year, though.
17 OCT 2020
OPCYC Round the Lights Race
4/9 - 1/4
Wind 15 - 20+ kn. Reverse start. Great breeze. Not much tactics, just focused on boat speed. The finish was a tangle of boats; we managed to squeak over the line overlapped with some of our class. Found out at the awards party that they subdivided our class and we got first place in the fast group. It helps when half of your class drops out because of the higher wind.
4 NOV 2020
BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race
Wind 3 - 5 kn. Course was shortened because of the lack of wind. Was over the start early so that pretty much killed our race. Crawled back to a mediocre result.
15 MAY 2021
BBSA Cape Henry Cup
Wind 1 - 15 kn. CRCA division. Wind didn't fill in until over half the race was completed. Still happy with the result, and got to mix it up with some of the PHRF A fleet.
4 JUN 2021
NYC Bermuda 1-2 Singlehanded Leg
Wind 1 - 20 kn. Start was in complete fog, and the fog didn't really lift until almost to the Gulf Stream. Gulf Stream crossing wasn't bad until the other side when the seas were really confused. Made good time until the Bermuda High stopped us for half a day. Struggled with sargasso weed catching on everything. Light winds to the finish. Still happy with the result.
17 JUN 2021
NYC Bermuda 1-2 Doublehanded Leg
Wind 0 - 45 kn. Start was in healthy 20 kn winds, but a cold front hit us with a couple of squalls where we lost 3 mainsail battens. The lack of any wind after the front allowed us to install 2 spare battens, but still missing 1. Good breeze took us up to the Gulf Stream where everything changed. Patterns of squalls prevented us to get north, one where we lost another batten. Escaping the Stream was not the end, with foul current and lighter wind. Near the end faced a cold front 20 nm from the finish with contrary 20 kn wind. A fight all the way to the finish. So glad it was over with only sail damage.
14 AUG 2021
BBSA Cape Charles Cup - Day 1
Wind 4 - 10 kn. Mostly light, especially towards the finish. Most boats in our class didn't finish. One of the advantages of having a faster boat.
2 OCT 2021
BBSA Memorial Race
Wind 4 - 7 kn. Mostly light, particularly fluky in spots. Happy with our finish since a reverse start on such a short course can lead to pile-ups.
16 OCT 2021
OPCYC Round the Lights Race
Wind 11 - 22 kn. CRCA division. Pretty straight forward race, not difficult to choose which direction to go first. As usual on a reverse start, getting to the finish was in lots of traffic.
6 NOV 2021
BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race
Wind 15 - 22 kn. Windy with threatening rain. Most competitors expected the race not to be run. They were wrong. Won a bottle of rum. Good way to end the racing season.
18 JUN 2022
CCVR Summer Solstice Race
Wind 10 - 28 kn. Had a great sleigh ride to the Chesapeake Lighthouse. Then the wind got stronger. Spent the rest of the upwind overpowered but the sloppy wind-against-tide was a not a good time to change jibs. Otherwise a great, sunny day.
20 AUG 2022
BBSA Cape Charles Cup Day 1
Wind 5 - 8 kn. We are able to make the leaders nervous, but that's about it. At least the race wasn't abandoned or shortened.
21 AUG 2022
BBSA Cape Charles Cup Day 2
Wind 5 kn. Shortened course since the wind was dying. Close reach the whole way. Got a bad start and then sat in everyone else's wind shadows. Pleasant day, though.
8 OCT 2022
BBSA Memorial Race
Wind 5 - 8 kn. Reverse start. Non-spinnaker. Fortunately the 2 leaders slowed each other down and we passed them. Good times.
15 OCT 2022
BBSA Bold Mariner Cup
Wind 5 - 9 kn. Had some flashbacks to the previous time we did this race, but this time it turned out better. Since it was a team event we tried to minimize damage to teammates. It worked since our team won the event.
22 OCT 2022
OPCYC Round The Lights Race
Wind 8 - 12 kn. Reverse start. Picked the right direction. Was attached like a bungie to the other 36.7. We would fall back, but then catch up. Alas, finished right behind them. The rest of the light wind racers legged out on us. Super nice weather, though.