Cal 33-2


Since Cals have been out of production for nearly 30 years, documents for the systems and so forth are becoming harder and harder to find. I was lucky enough to purchase a boat that still had much of the original documentation. To help myself and others, I've scanned some of the documents and found others online to put here for convenience. Some of the documents are big, so I've included their size below to give fair warning.

Boat:   File Size
  Owners Manual 84.0 MB
Engine: Yanmar 3GMF  
  Owners Manual 8.4 MB
  Max Prop 2-Blade Feathering 406 KB
  Barient/Barlow Winches 887 KB
  Barient Brochure 25.0 MB
  Barient 10P Winch 2.8 MB
  Barient 19 Winch 3.1 MB
  Barient 21 Winch 2.0 MB
  Barient 23 Winch 2.6 MB
  Barient 27 Winch 3.2 MB
  Harken Mark I Owners Manual 48.5 MB
  Navtec Series 7 Integral Adjuster Manual 4.0 MB
  Schaefer Tuff Luff Installation 4.1 MB
  Adler-Barbour ColdMachine 9.0 MB