List of Races

Date Event Class Result Overall Result Comments
09 SEP 2006 NYCC Dink Vail Regatta 5/5 -- Great breeze, no breakages. Numerous calamities befell the skipper.
01 OCT 2006 HYC Singlehand Race 8/11 12/16 Got crushed on first windward leg, then had to rely on the mistakes of others.
06-08 OCT 2006 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta 2/5 18/67 Racing cancelled on Saturday due to high winds. Pursuit race on Sun.
21 OCT 2006 OPCYC Round The Lights Race 5/6 32/57 Had fun. First time racing with spinnaker. Still lots more to learn.
19 MAY 2007 BBSA Cape Henry Cup 10/12 -- Doublehanded. Got becalmed after most of my class finished which doesn't help.
30 SEP 2007 HYC Singlehand Race ?/? -- I did race in this event, but the sods at the club have yet to post the results on their website.
20 OCT 2007 OPCYC Round The Lights Race 2/4 38/53 Perfect day. Got a trophy. Can't get much better than that.
19 APR 2008 NATO Azalea Festival Regatta 6/12 -- Wind light, current strong. Spent part of the race anchored.
28 SEP 2008 HYC Singlehand Race ?/? -- Once again, results probably won't be posted. I did poorly so no loss.
4 OCT 2008 BBSA Willoughby Memorial Regatta 4/8 -- Wind light, constant position shuffle. Never knew how we would place until the finish.
1 NOV 2008 BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race 6/11 -- Wind light again, lots of strategy involved. Happy with our placement.
22-23 MAY 2009 HYC/STC Down the Bay Race 3/3 20/35 120 miles with wind on the nose is not that fun. But we were encouraged that we remained within sight of our competition the whole way.
18 JUL 2009 BBSA Little Bay Challenge 3/9 -- Excellent! Got a trophy.
22 AUG 2009 SYC Singlehand Regatta -- 2/3 Steady breeze, unfamiliar course provided a fun race.
12 SEP 2009 HYC Annual Regatta 4/5 -- Breeze shifted 180 twice during the race. Happy with the result given the conditions.
19 SEP 2009 YRYC York River Cup 3/3 -- Tight racing, great conditions. We showed the York River that we can be tough competition.
27 SEP 2009 HYC Singlehand Race 3/13 -- Fantastic race, beautiful day.
3 OCT 2009 BBSA Willoughby Memorial Regatta 3/5 -- Light air torture chamber. Surprisingly scored a trophy.
24 OCT 2009 OPCYC Round The Lights Race 2/5 27/55 Strong wind, rough conditions meant a tough race. Many retired. Got a trophy for our efforts.
7 NOV 2009 BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race 1/6 -- The best way to end the season, with a first!
15 MAY 2010 BBSA Cape Henry Cup 2/5 -- Great race, good breeze all around the track. We made the winner nervous for awhile.
21 JUN 2010 YPYC Singlehand Race -- 1/8 A perfect race, perfect conditions.
14 AUG 2010 BBSA Cape Charles Cup I 6/7 21/34 Great day, all upwind, made a few bad decisions.
15 AUG 2010 BBSA Cape Charles Cup II 5/7 27/33 Another great day, but mostly upwind. I'm getting tired of pushing a Lapworth design upwind all the time! Can I please have a race that's downwind for a change!
26 SEP 2010 HYC Singlehand Race ?/? -- Was overpowered the whole race. So I know I didn't do well. No posted results anyway.
02 OCT 2010 BBSA Willoughby Memorial Regatta 1/5 -- A good fight all around the course. Very satisfying to bring home a trophy.
23 OCT 2010 OPCYC Round The Lights Race 5/9 21/54 A better race than our results. Great day.
06 NOV 2010 BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race 2/5 -- A great finish to a great season.
27-29 MAY 2011 HYC/STC Down The Bay Race 2/3 20/32 Upwind the whole way, what a surprise! Not doing this race again.
16 JUL 2011 BBSA/PBC Little Bay Challenge 1/10 -- Yeessssss! Team Melantho wins!
8 AUG 2011 CCV Founders Race 5/5 -- This race is a perfect example why I don't like to race against dinghies around a W/L course. Nice day for a sail, though.
10 SEP 2011 HYC Annual Middle Ground Light Race 5/9 -- Light wind. We were the highest place non-skiff, so I'm happy with that.
15 OCT 2011 BBSA Memorial Race 3/5 3/15 Strong wind, but we got 'er home. Won a trophy. Great way to wrap up the season.
10 JUN 2012 HYC Doublehanded Race 4/10 -- Very light wind. Succeeded in beating all the skiffs, so that was satisfying.
13 OCT 2012 BBSA Willoughby Memorial Regatta 2/5 2/16 Nice breeze. Started near the back of a pursuit race, so had lots of boats to pass. Was actually in the lead for 1 leg. Happy with the result.
20 OCT 2012 OPCYC Round The Lights Race 3/8 11/41 Nice breeze at the start, but then became weak and variable. Lots of strategy and luck, some good, some bad. Avoided a pile-up near the finish. After 7.5 hrs of racing, happy to get a trophy.
3 NOV 2012 BBSA Hot Buttered Rum Race 2/5 -- Breezy and cold. Finished the year with a good result.
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