List of Cruises

Date Destination Comments
13-14 JAN 2007 NW Branch, Sarah Creek, York River Singlehanded. Great breeze, unseasonably warm temps. Got 34 kn AWS on the way back. Lots of practice reefing.
10-15 AUG 2007 Southern Ches. Bay Doublehanded. Anchored in Back River for 2 nights, Marina at Sarah Creek for 1 night, anchor at Severn River/Mobjack Bay for 1 night, anchored Hampton for 1 night. Excellent weather. Good chance to get used to cruising.
16-17 AUG 2008 Warwick Yacht & Country Club Doublehanded. Winds so light, had to motor most of the time.
8-9 AUG 2009 Perrin River Doublehanded. Good breeze Saturday, heavy rain Sat. night. Good test of new boom tent. Sunday good breeze to start, then fizzled.
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